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This album contains 130 leaves.
Author : Masayoshi Tsuchiya


This work was exhibited in the JAPEX2011 and won the Grand Prix with LG.
The stamps issued in Southeast Asia under Japanese Occupation during the Pacific War are collectively called " Japanese Occupation Stamps in Southeast Asia". The occupied territories were Hong Kong, Burma, Andaman Islands, Malaya, North Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Naval occupation Area inDutch East Indies, and the Philippines. However, the region is vast, sometimes stamp has been issued separately by Navy and Army, there is no unity of the whole, has become extremely complex. Firstly they used Japanese stamps, addition to the exsisting stamps of each district,and eventually formal stamps were printed and issued. These 8 frames show the whole story of this very interesting field(Note: The two leaves of Thailand-Burma Railway stamps and the Philippines official rubber stamp have been added).

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