List of テーマティク テクノロジー
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
73001 Changing the Horse Powel "THE CAR" [LS] Hector Di Lalla / Argentina
73006 Automobile World [S] Valery Bondarik / Belarus
73011 The Railway Lines that I know [LV] Yisheng Luo / China
73016 Dentistry [LV] Shih-Cheng Hsiao / Chinese Taipei
73021 Miners and Minerals [LS] Tsung-Chun Chien / Chinese Taipei
73026 Transport in General Francois Landu Ditona Odu / Congo
73031 El Telefono [S] Juan Emilio Martinez / Cuba
73036 Wood: An Inventory [V] Bernadette Rouch / France
73041 On the Move, from Ancient to Modern Transportation [S] Clara Wijarsih / Indonesia
73046 Bridges around the World [S] Rachmat Asaad Hamid / Indonesia
73051 The Life of A.G.Bell and What He Left [LV] Akinori Katsui / Japan
73059 The Blind [LS] Hideo Ohsawa / Japan
73064 ATOM: its discovery and application [S] Shoetsu Miura / Japan
73069 Urban Public Transport -Its Role and Development- [LS] Yuichi Enosawa / Japan
73074 Reducing Risks on Our Roads [S] Bob Gibson / New Zealand
73079 Lighthouses [S] Jillian Williams / New Zealand
73084 History of the Ship [SB] Song-Hae Oh / Republic of Korea
73089 My Life as a Bicycle [G] Vojtech Jankovic / Slovakia
73097 The marksman and "his world" [LS] Harzer / Switzerland
73105 Lighthouses, a Light on the Horizon [G] Miguel Garcia / Uruguay