List of 郵便史 日本
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
31001 Postal History of Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation (1895-1945) [G] Kunio / Chinese Taipei
31009 Japanese Post Office in Taiwan 1895-1945 [G] Ying Ming Shen / Chinese Taipei
31017 Postal History of Kobe District. Japan (1860~) [G] Akira Nishio / Japan
31022 Early Cancellation of "BIZEN・BICCYU・MIMASAKA"(OKAYAMA Prefecture) [V] Gensei Ando / Japan
31027 Japan: The General Nogi 2Sen Issue with Various Cancellation [LS] Hiroaki Kodama / Japan
31032 Postal History of the Japanese Military Mail 1894-1921 [LV] Junichi Tamaki / Japan
31040 The Early Postal Marks of Harima Province, Japan [LS] Kazuyoshi Yamanaka / Japan
31045 Postal History of the Japanese Mail Delivered Preferentially and Quickly Rather than Ordinary Mail [LV] Kenzaburo Ikeda / Japan
31053 The rise and fall of IMPERIAL JAPAN [LS] Kouichi Tange / Japan
31058 Delivery Certificate Mail in Japan (1892-1951) [LS] Kunihiro Gyotoku / Japan
31063 Early Roman Letter Date Postmarks of Japan (1875-1900) [S] Makoto Tatara / Japan
31068 Mails between Japan and U.S.A. until 1941 [LS] Satoshi Komiyama / Japan
31073 Foreign Mail in Nagasaki,Japan 1875-1905 [V] Sumihide Itoh / Japan
31078 Japanese Postal History of Official Compulsory Delivery for Lawsuit Documents [S] Tetsu Okamoto / Japan
31083 The British Post Office in Yokohama and Its Epoch [LV] Yasuhiro Muraoka / Japan
31088 Courier Mail and Opening of the Japan Post [G] Yoshiyuki Yamazaki / Japan