List of ワンフレーム 郵便史
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
92007 Field Post System on Czechoslovak Territory Oct.1918- Feb.1919 Lubor Kunc / Czech Republic
92008 Reduced Postage Germany- Denmark August 1st 1865 to March 31st 1879 Jorgen Kluge / Denmark
92010 Early Postmarks in Shimizu, Ihara District Makoto Tatara / Japan
92011 The air mail for Japan from Ryukyus 1948-58 Michio Ohi / Japan
92012 Marine Feldpost from Austro-Hungarian Navy Ships 1914- 1918 Jelisaveta Katuric / Montenegro
92013 Swedes in active service in Finland 1918-1919 Richard Bodin / Sweden
92014 London Numbers in Maltese Cross Graham Booth / United Kingdom
92009 Using of the RSFSR Semi-Postal Stamps (Volga Famine Relief Issues 1921-1922) For The Postal Correspondence Franking Vladimir Berdichevskiy / Israel