List of ユース 13-15歳
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
91101 Este curioso Mundo Animal [S] Debora Marchesan Cunha / Brazil
91105 New year's stamps of Japan (1936-1956) [LV] Jiaqi Wang / China
91109 Animal's Life on Earth on Maximum Cards [B] Elpida Constantinou / Cyprus
91112 Great Britain 1814-1901 [SB] Antomin Mousl / Czech Republic
91115 National Nature Reserve Certoryje-Floristic Conditions [S] Pavlina Ondrejkova / Czech Republic
91119 The Best Composers of the Europe [B] Sara Soukupova / Czech Republic
91121 Cat-like Savages [LV] Clara Gandrez / France
91124 From Wheel to Car on Stamps [B] Mrinal Mathur / India
91128 I'm Butterfly ; The Beautiful Wings in Variety Habitat Fanny / Indonesia
91130 Sheets from my collection from the Faroe islands [LS] Tord Meling / Norway
91134 George Washington [LS] Trym Meling / Norway
91138 Postal Stationery of Mexico "Serie Mulitas" [LV] Jose Carlos Rodriguez / Spain
91142 In the Magic World of Harry Potter. [LV] Mathilda Larsson / Sweden
91146 Lotus - The Flower I love most Thanh Vu / Vietnam