List of United Kingdom
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
24143 Provisional Issues of Colombia [G] Alan Anyon / United Kingdom 伝統郵趣 アメリカ
32219 Roman Lettering Postmarks of Japanese Post Offices in Manchuria [LS] Jan Simons / United Kingdom 郵便史 アジア、オセアニア、アフリカ
32224 Military Related Mail of Korea 1894-1911 [LV] Kenneth G.Clark / United Kingdom 郵便史 アジア、オセアニア、アフリカ
32199 Astronomical Communication in the 19th Century [LV] Margaret Isabel Morris / United Kingdom 郵便史 ヨーロッパ
40160 The Evolution and Usage of the Mulready Envelopes and Letter Sheets [LG] Alan Holyoake / United Kingdom ステーショナリー
40168 Sierra Leone Postal Stationery 1880-1921 [G] Keith D Hanman / United Kingdom ステーショナリー
50086 Internal Australian Airmail Service [V] John D.C.Sussex / United Kingdom 航空郵趣
90032 Stamps Issued and used in Singapore for Revenue Purposes 1826-KGV [G] Francis Podger / United Kingdom 印紙
92014 London Numbers in Maltese Cross Graham Booth / United Kingdom ワンフレーム 郵便史