List of Ukraine
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
10041 From History of Zemstvo Post of Russia Dmitry Nikitin / Ukraine チャンピオンクラス
23158 Air Mail Stamps of RSFSR and USSR. 1923-1940 [G] Dmitry Frenkel / Ukraine 伝統郵趣 ヨーロッパ
23166 Zemstvo Postage Stamps of Kharkov Province [G] Vitaliy Katsman / Ukraine 伝統郵趣 ヨーロッパ
92017 First Commercial Mail Service Aviation on a Route Moscow - Smolensk - Kaunas - Koenigsberg - Berlin 1922-1923 Dmitry Frenkel / Ukraine ワンフレーム 航空郵趣