List of New Zealand
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
33108 The Postal History of the Allied Forces in Iceland in World War II [LS] David Loe / New Zealand 郵便史 ヨーロッパ
50029 Imperial Airways Limited [G] Barry Scott / New Zealand 航空郵趣
71065 Our Feathered Friends [LV] Douglas South / New Zealand テーマティク 自然
73074 Reducing Risks on Our Roads [S] Bob Gibson / New Zealand テーマティク テクノロジー
73079 Lighthouses [S] Jillian Williams / New Zealand テーマティク テクノロジー
80006 The History of, and Advances Made in Medicine [LS] Jeanette Banfield / New Zealand マキシマフィリー