List of Brazil
FrameNumber Title Exhibitor / Country Class
10009 The Postal History of Brazil 1606-1877 [GPHC] Everaldo Santos / Brazil チャンピオンクラス
24019 The Postal use of Republican Issue Known as "Granny" Aspects and Details -1920-1941 [LV] Antonio Perez Peixoto / Brazil 伝統郵趣 アメリカ
24027 Drafts,Essays,Test and Proofs of Brazilian Commemorative Stamps [V] Noely Luiz Orsato / Brazil 伝統郵趣 アメリカ
32009 The Long Way to the Bull's Eyes [G] Peter / Brazil 郵便史 アジア、オセアニア、アフリカ
34017 Province of Rio De Janeiro Postal Service during the Brazilian Empire [G] Rubem Porto Jr. / Brazil 郵便史 アメリカ
71019 Microbes in action [S] Carlos Henrique Menezes E Silva / Brazil テーマティク 自然
72006 Watercolour of Brazil: Essay of History and Culture (From Origins to 1889) [V] Ginaldo Silva / Brazil テーマティク 文化
72011 Sun, Sea, Surf and Sand - The Discovery of the Beach [G] Luiz Paulo Rodrigues Cunha / Brazil テーマティク 文化
91101 Este curioso Mundo Animal [S] Debora Marchesan Cunha / Brazil ユース 13-15歳